At Mewar School of Nursing we firmly believe in training individuals to become professional nurses so as to meet the great challenges of service in the field of Nursing. Education is the fundamental element for complete development of an individual and as a prime teaching institute, we endeavour to harness this inherent potential through meeting the growing needs of nursing education.

We strive towards providing nursing education that is scientific, modern and complete in order to prepare skilled and highly competent nurses ready to face the challenges of modern health care anywhere in the world. We focus on all round development of students with special emphasis on intellectual, cultural and spiritual growth preparing them to be effective change agents in dynamics of social evolvement.

Furthermore, the college believes in a system of nursing education that fits in with the changing educational patterns of the country to meet the health needs of the society. We are committed to provide best nursing education for personal as well as professional upliftment of all nursing students.


Our vision is to impart futuristic technical education, managerial skills, and instill high patterns of discipline through the dedicated team, which shall set global standards through excellence in teaching. We focus on making our students technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn will reach beyond excellence in their lives.


Our mission is to change the face of education through academic rigor and advanced teaching strategies that give our students a platform to stand out from the crowd. We take up the challenges of the present global education world to prepare our students for strong analytical and thinking skills. We build entrepreneurs by giving them all academic and cultural exposure.